Reunion Planning Checklist

Reunion Planning Benchmarks

One Year (or sooner) Before the Reunion

Get Organized

  • Set up committee, collect seed money, begin people search
  • Decide when and where to have reunion
  • Purchase book and/or software to help you through the process
  • Set up Reunion Website
  • Create / purchase invitations


Create a Budget

  • Set up budget, select ticket price, estimate costs


The Foundation

  • Send first announcement
  • Request personal biographies, pictures, etc. for handouts and memory albums
  • Select entertainment and photographer
  • Plan events, activities and games
  • Design a slide show or video
  • Organize a Friday night ice-breaker
  • Plan a following day picnic
  • Open bank account
  • Make files and organize paperwork

9 Months Before the Reunion

Create an Ambiance

  • Create and order mementos and souvenirs i.e. memory albums, name tags, etc.
  • Either make tickets or email response template when registrations are received
  • Request additional donations for school or toward another social action project
  • Hire videographer
  • Edit personal histories, videos or other reunion handouts or displays


Get People There

  • Meet with committee regularly to make phone calls
  • Invite special guests
  • Prepare and send second announcement


6 Months Before the Reunion

  • Plan decorations, displays and centerpieces
  • Edit personal histories, update address list, continue phone drive
  • Order t-shirts, banners and other mementos as souvenirs, awards and door prizes

3 Months Before the Reunion

  • Update address list, edit histories, continue phone/email drive
  • Get event insurance
  • Rent a dance floor
  • Send reminder notices
  • Start making name tags
  • Make table centerpieces
  • Prepare photo collage, signs and door prize coupons
  • Prepare printed program and oral program including special announcements


1 Month Before the Reunion

  • Edit personal histories, update address list, continue name tags and phone drive
  • Send reminder postcards
  • Select preliminary award winners
  • Make/order banners or signs for registration area


2 Weeks Before the Reunion

Final Arrangements

  • Send email reminders or mail tickets
  • Verify event attendance, prepare list of paid guests
  • Confirm arrivals and timeframe with all vendors and suppliers
  • Verify attendance and make accommodations, if necessary, for invited guests
  • Finalize program announcements and award winners
  • Verify delivery of donated door prizes
  • Proof memory album draft or other handout and give artwork to printer


1 Week Before the Reunion

  • Prepare final list of paid attendees
  • Prepare registration packets including pre-paid and will call
  • Give meal count to caterer and final payment to facility
  • Verify room set up and equipment arrangements with the banquet manager

The Reunion Event

  • Bring reunion day supplies including checkbook. Retrieve supplies at end of reunion



  • Finalize photo book and send to photographer
  • Send memory albums and other hand-outs to those who paid but didn’t attend
  • Send prepared documents to individual purchasers
  • Send: thank you notes, follow up letters, donation to the high school
  • Close bank account once all checks have cleared, open savings account with remaining cash for next reunion
  • Store reunion supplies in convenient location
  • Complete and send, fax or email Reunion Survey to The Reunion Planner Website


Final Items

  • Celebrate with committee members by holding a follow-up meeting to discuss reunion successes and pitfalls
  • Keep the ambiance and connections alive by maintaining the reunion website, sending newsletters and email announcements
  • Update guest list with any new contact information
  • Request volunteers to work on the next reunion


Stay Up to Date on Reunion Planning