Let’s Get Started

You’re done with the Reunion Planning preliminaries…Here’s the fun part!

Get the Word Out

  • Create a reunion website
  • Send announcement, invitation or email about the reunion
  • Meet regularly with committee or provide name assignments for committee members to make calls to notify alumni, family members and   guests about the reunion.  Be sure to ask for information on missing persons

The announcement should include:

  1.   Date
  2.   Location
  3.   Time and details of all planned events
  4.   Cost per person or couple and how to send payments
  5.   Questionnaire for Memory Album or other prepared handout
  6.   Missing persons list
  7.   Hotel information for out-of-towners
  8.   Phone number for questions
  9.   Committee member names
  10.   Any other fun newsy items or anecdotes

Select Entertainment

  •  Disk Jockey
  •  Live Band
  •  Jukebox
  •  Selected songs put on CDs or an Ipod

If someone knows a vocalist, have them sing some songs popular during the era you are celebrating.  The entertainment you choose all depends on your budget.  Just be sure to experience any performer before hiring them. 

Plan Events, Activities and/or Games

  • Create a slide show to play continuously during the event.  It could include: Before and after pictures of guests, touring the old stomping grounds, interviews with former teachers, pictures of candid moments, senior pictures, areas of common use.Use your imagination!
  • Other group activities and games
  • Introduction of special guests
  • Award presentations

Hire a photographer to take individual and group pictures of guests.  Use the photos to go into a souvenir booklet or post pictures of the event on-class website or on Facebook so everyone can get copies of those they liked.

Plan Additional Reunion Activities

  • Ice Breaker at local restaurant or Hotel lobby
  • Brunch at the same hotel the morning after or
  • Picnic at a local park are other favorite hangout

Announce the Reunion wherever possible

  • Call your local newspapers and radio stations to see if they post free public service announcements. 
  • Contact your high school, university, alumni association or family matriarch or patriarch
  • Post on various social networking sites by creating a group for your event and allow entrance only to your participants