Reunion Planning

How to Plan a Class Reunion

The Reunion Planning steps that you need to know

FIRST QUESTION: Plan it Yourself or Hire a Professional?


  1. Attendance is greater and response is more attentive when organized by alumni.
  2. Camaraderie of working with an alumni committee
  3. Charge lower ticket prices
  4. Keep any new information acquired when reconnecting with alumni
  5. Decide on and select your own entertainment and decorations
  6. Keep any remaining cash for your next reunion.
  7. Gratification of having put on a fabulous event, brought people together and saved money.


  1. Up-front costs are covered.
  2. Less financial risk.
  3. Professionals have a variety of databases to use for locating people.
  4. Have relationships and choices of many venues
  5. Handle all accounting, including registration, ticket purchases and bills.
  6. Manage other costs as postage, decorations, entertainment
  7. Handle the registration table and reunion day logistics