Synopsis of The Reunion Planner book, the ultimate guide to planning reunions

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  • Describes how to plan a class, family, military or other group reunion.
  • Use this reunion guide to create praise-worthy and great reunions. 
  • One of the most informative reunion books out there, which guarantees a successful reunion.
  • Can be used as a supplement when hiring professional planners.
  • Tips for finding lost classmates, family, military buddies or anyone.
  • Examples for entertainment, decorations, door prizes, games & memory albums.
  • Provides budget worksheets, to-do lists, sample imvitations, questionnaires and surveys.
  • Tips on finding people on Internet.
  • Announcing your reunion on Internet.


It’s time for a reunion! Whether it’s a class, family, church, university or military group being reunited, as reunion organizers, we want to make this an absolutely wonderful event. We want attendees to leave convinced that it was the perfect reunion. While we’re at it, let’s imagine an event that exceeds all expectations.

Sound like ambitious goals? With a little organization and forethought, along with a few enthusiastic volunteers, these aspirations are attainable and well worth all our time and effort.

Of course, those of us who plan reunions realize it takes energy, and lots of it. It represents a labor of love. To be successful, a reunion must: 1) be a memorable experience, 2) raise enough resources to cover all expenses and 3) retain a surplus for the next reunion. Our primary goals are to bring people together again to reminisce, reestablish friendships and appreciate the reunion that rekindled these relationships. This book will help you achieve these objectives.

As the title suggests, this book is designed to help make your reunion a social and financial success. While people who go to their reunions have different expectations, they all want to have a great time. To that end, you must provide more than the basic package, and you don’t want to lose money! Any recipe for success calls for planning, organization, cash flow and enthusiasm. If you have the last ingredient, we can help with the rest. The result: a fun-filled, personalized reunion that is organized, well-attended and financially successful.

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