Reunion Planning Application

The Reunion Planner reunion application is the perfect program to ensure a successful family, military, or high school class reunion. 

The Reunion Planner® version 7.3 – Standard Edition

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Professional Edition users – please contact us for the latest patch

Patch version 7.x to 7.31
(What does this fix?)
Here are the directions to apply the latest patch:

  1. Exit the Reunion Planner if it’s open
  2. Click (or right-click) on the link below and save the file to a temporary folder
  3. In Windows Explorer, browse to find the file you downloaded and either right-click and click “Run as Administrator” or just double-click, then then follow the directions.
  4. Start the Reunion Planner® program and check the Help, About screen for the new version number


Download Patch


Version Update Fixes

Version 7.31
– Modified the 4 Roster reports with phone numbers to include Cell (Mobile) phone

Version 7.3
– Added Facebook, Twitter fields, removed rarely used phone types
Updated Alum summary and detail reports to add/remove fields

Version 7.24
– Fixed Excel import browse to display Excel files
Included sample Excel import sheet

Version 7.23
– Added export to Excel feature (Tools, Export)
Import from Excel (from exported version)

Version 7.22
– Added email column to Alumni List tab in Alumni Data screen
– Added email index for fast searching on email (requires reindex)

Version 7.21
– Removed Print Manual option from Help menu
– Fixed problem on Create Reunion, where last tab was defaulted

Version 7.2
– Added new email fields
– Added SSL for Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast, etc.

Version 7.15
– Fixed problem with Photo Name Tags where some images were skewed

Version 7.14
– Minor fix on statistics report

Version 7.13
– Cleans up W32/Induc-A virus if it existed in the executable

Version 7.12
– Items Purchased Report – added totals for item sizes

Version 7.11
– Items Purchased Report – added sizes for items 1 and 2

Version 7.10
– Fixed Items Purchased Report item descriptions were not printing

Version 7.09
– Fixed Items Purchased Report where sometimes only first record would print
– Added Port for Email Sending (for used with non-standard SMTP ports)

Version 7.08
– Fixed Alumni/Bio Report, where Bio titles were not printing

Version 7.07
– Fixed problem with data import where some active records were considered deleted and thus not imported

Version 7.06
– AlumData – Removed voice_mail option for phone numbers, since the field didn’t exist and was causing an error when selected
– Import – Fixed to reindex after importing
– Import – Was treating Comment as a boolean
– Import – Added new Excel template in FAQs page

Version 7.05
– Added back “Days Left” message if yes in Options.

Version 7.04
– Revamped Import routine with new Excel and Tab-delimited formats
– Updated help file with recent changes

Version 7.03
– Changed Registration Key format
– Fixed Index out bounds error when proper reg key entered

Version 7.02
– Changed ‘Sex’ label to ‘Gender’ on main entry page
– Changed Mail Merge Export to add more columns and use checkboxes
– Updated help for new Mail Merge screen

Version 7.01
– Fixed problem with various reports giving a Connection Error
– Fixed Guest Name Tags not printing problem
– Fixed problems with the Name Tags with Photos