Button/Nametag/Lanyard Ordering Instructions and Pricing

Main Instructions

1. Send in the yearbook no later than one month before your reunion to:
Reunion Buttons
239 East 1100 South
Orem, UT 84058-6934.
801-471-4115 (new number)
(We highly recommend sending yearbook FedEx Ground so that it can be tracked). Or, send high-quality scanned pictures on a CD with alumni names plainly marked, to the same address. Please alert Steve at the email address just below that your yearbook is on its way.
2. Email to steve@reunionplanner.com all the vital statistics: Your name, telephone number and email address. Include Shipping address, school name, year of graduation, school or class colors, model no. of button style button/sticker and most, important: Reunion Date. Check our list of fonts and colors here. Click here for color and font choices.
3. Our button dept. will scan the yearbook, await the attendee list, and ship the yearbook back with the buttons, stickers or lanyards. If you wish to receive the yearbook earlier then the shipping date for the buttons, there will be an extra $14 charge for the shipment.
4. It is important to email the bulk of the attendee list 15 days before your reunion. Up to ten stragglers will be accommodated if sent in 8 days before the reunion. The attendee list should be emailed in Excel with the names in this order: First, Maiden, Married with the full name of the guest placed next to the alumni bringing the guest.
For Spouses, Guests of Alumni or Alumni who missed getting a picture in the yearbook
A watermark of your school logo or other image or just a plain white background with the alumni or guest’s name and, if desired, include “Guest of “ with the name of the alumni can be provided.


Order extra blank buttons/stickers with just a logo, with the same reunion information that is on the alumni name tags. A Sharpie Fine Point pen is optimal to write on the buttons. Hint: Order enough blank buttons/stickers to make the price break.
If not sending yearbook, all artwork must conform to the following:
1) Send or email the camera ready artwork in Adobe Illustrator 9 (preferred), JPEG or TIF format to steve@reunionplanner.com.
2) Scan any images at 150 dpi, minimum.
3) If using a Mac, please save with a PC Image header, if possible.
4) If sending anything, please use CD or Zip Disc media.
We only use 3″ round buttons as we find that anything smaller is too difficult to read especially as we get to the 35, 40, and 50 year reunions!
If there are ANY questions please don’t hesitate to ask. We want to make this process as easy and gratifying as possible.

For info on Text colors and fonts, please click here


Buttons/Lanyards Name Tag Stickers
• 26 – 50:     $2.50 • 24 – 90:     $1.40
• 51 – 100:   $2.30 • 91 – 150:   $1.30
• 101 – 200: $2.00 • 151 – 252: $1.20
• 201 – 500: $1.90 • 253 plus:   $1.10
• 501 plus:    $1.80


  • No Set-up Fee
  • No Scanning Fee
  • Actual shipping charges plus $6.00 handling



Buttons/stickers/lanyards are shipped FedEx Ground, approximately 1 week before the reunion. If a shorter time period is requested, designated shipping charges apply.

Credit card information is required at time of order. Please provide your credit card information by calling
310.820.5554 or fax to 310.820.8341.

$15.00 will be charged if proofs have been made and no order ensues.