Class Reunion Awards

Class reunion awards are always a popular activity at school reunions.  Whatever milestone reunion year is being celebrated, alumni enjoy their moment of recognition and it’s fun for the whole group to commemorate.   This event may be the “program” portion of the reunion, so it is a good time to address the attendees or make any other announcements. 

Class Reunion awards can be serious, funny or unusual.  It’s an opportunity to acknowledge alumni in a fun and poignant way.  Awards can be typical as “Who came the furthest”, funny, as “Who has been married the most times” or unusual as “Who has won the most awards?”

Moreover, each reunion anniversary such as the 10th, 20th, etc. may have categories that are appropriate for that reunion such as “Who has the most grandchildren?” or those that are suitable for any milestone reunion as “Most unusual profession.”  Here are some examples of class awards and suggestions for possible gifts.  We would love your feedback on your most unusual class reunion award.  Please send us an email. In September, we will post the most interesting award we hear about on our site and will list your school and the reunion you were celebrating.

General Class Reunion Awards

  • Traveled the shortest distance
  • Traveled the furthest
  • Married the longest
  • Most Recently Married
  • First Alumni to purchase their ticket
  • Hardest to find
  • Most eligible bachelor
  • Most eligible female
  • Most unusual profession

Specific to Early Reunions

  • Most Recent Baby or pregnancy that is due the soonest
  • Most Children

Specific to Later Reunions

  • First to Retire
  • Most recent Grandparent
  • Most Grandchildren
  • Lost the Most Hair
  • Most Gray Hair
  • Lived in the most places
  • Most or highest educational degree
  • Changed the Least
  • Had the most careers/jobs
  • Attended all the Reunions (this category may have several winners)


  • A bottle of wine.  Order wine with personalized wine labels with your reunion information
  • Ticket to the next reunion
  • Flowers for the women, sports caps for the men
  • Gift certificates such as Starbucks or Coffee Bean
  • Restaurant vouchers
  • School Annual (many lose their yearbooks)
  • High school memorabilia as a stuffed school mascot, water bottles or other souvenir with your school or reunion logo.

Ask your alumni to donate door prizes as items from their stores, books, movie tickets, t-shirts, tickets to events, tours, wine tastings or activity.  Alumni are often happy to donate, just remember to thank them at the reunion. 

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