Celebrating Mother’s Day from Near and Far – Creative Ideas Plus Activities – Make Mom’s Day Special

Planning Mother’s Day Activities are an essential part of Americana for families.  It gives us a special moment to thank and appreciate our moms, those near and far.  Yes, the flower industry, the restaurants and phone companies all do extremely well on this Sunday, as is the custom.  But, how about doing something different in appreciating your special lady this year?

Since this is a day to be attentive to someone else, ask your mom, wife, grandmother or other significant “mom” in your life about what she would like to do or what would make her happy on this special day.

A unique activity will be much better than waiting a long time in a crowded restaurant. Also, since this is the busiest day of the year for the floral industry, pick another day to give your special lady beautiful flowers and  plan a day around family.

Mother’s Day Activities:  Creative Ideas for Moms who Live Close By:

Make it a day with mom or as a mini family reunion.  Here are a few ways to implement this:

  • Pick up or prepare her favorite food for a picnic to a local park, beach or other outdoor venue.
  • Take her to that museum she loves.
  • Treat her to a backyard barbeque.
  • Get tickets for her and encourage other family members to participate at a baseball game or other sporting event she enjoys
  • Buy tickets to a local college play, neighborhood musical or concert.
  • Invite the family over to create a family quilt.
  • Organize family and friends to join in a pot-luck feast.
  • Take a City tour of your own city. You will be amazed at all the places, restaurants and venues you didn’t know about and may want to go back and visit.
  • Go to a nearby lake and take a boat ride, visit your local zoo or park and pack lunches.
  • If Mom loves cooking, sign her up and join her for a cooking class.
  • Spend the day where traveling visitors would go to enjoy the special points of interest in your city.

Mother’s Day Activites:  Creative Ideas forDistant Moms

  • Compose a poem or song and include it in a card or recite by phone
  • Purchase a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant, activity center or clothing store
  • Send / email concert or movie tickets to a theatre near her.
  • Purchase a gift certificate for her and 3 friends to go to an afternoon tea at a local hotel, tea room or garden club.
  • If artistic or not, there is nothing better than a personalized piece of art made especially for Mom. It’ll remind her of all the projects you made her during school days.
  • Hire a personal shopper to pick up any needed clothing, grocery items or other personal needs
  • Instead of or in addition to flowers, send her a treat she wouldn’t expect and will last a long time, such as:
    • a decorative succulent plant,
    • photo album of the year in pictures of your family
    • jewelry
    • gift certificate for a family outing when you come to visit
    • arrange a home delivered or catered meal

Mother’s Day Basics

Visit or call this special woman in your life.  She’ll remember the personal touch the most.

In other words, be creative and do something new and unexpected. Oh, and be sure to give/send her a kiss and a hug and tell her you love her since that will be the most appreciated gift of all.

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