St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day nor have a big family or a lot of friends to organize a fun get-together. Use this holiday to plan an event with an Irish flare.  Here are a few party ideas and websites with even more activities for St. Patrick’s Day so that this March 17th is fun for families or friends.   This template can be the basis for a class or family reunion holiday treat.
  • Design invitations, name tags, table place cards, or souvenirs in various shades of green. If someone is artistic, incorporate their creative talents.   Pictures of shamrocks can be used.
  • Green plates, utensils, cocktail and dinner napkins are festive accents.
  • Drape green table runners over white table cloths on the dinner table/s.
  • Table centerpieces provide highlights at any event.  Here is a website we found with classy ideas for St. Patrick’s Day table decor.  It also has arts and crafts for the kids, recipe for green beer and a full dinner menu! Stylish St. Patricks Day decor.
  • For St. Patrick’s Day meals, Martha Stewart always has decorative and flavorful holiday recipes
  • What’s an Irish party without some Celtic music? Check out this website for free St. Patrick’s Day music downloads: Or this site for free music:
  • For souvenirs, party favors or as table decor, wrap green and white jelly bellies in clear cellophane tied with various shades of green strings or ribbons.
  • Green drinks are quite a treat and can be delicious. Green tea (hot or iced),
  • Find desserts befitting for the holiday. Here is a website with some great ideas:
  • Play games. We found a fun website with interesting game ideas:
  • Plan games with a green theme. This could include green paper stock for banners, ribbons for awards, art projects for the kids, and items donated by family members for souvenirs.
  • Have Bailey’s Irish Cream on hand for evening chats.

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