New Year Resolutions

Easy Resolutions to Keep All Year
Resolution #1: Lose unwanted pounds and keep them off.  (Please note that any website recommendations are not advertisers nor do we receive any incentives or rewards. Our tips are based on research and experience).
  • Set a goal for a specific date, for example, lose a pound a week and begin however many weeks there are before your special event.
  • Partner with a family member or friend. It provides motivation.
  • Make a commitment for at least 2 months. By then, it’ll become routine.
  • Purchase or borrow the perfect outfit as an incentive to reach your goal. (Editor’s note: I was 8 months pregnant at my 20th I borrowed a friend’s black sequined dress she offered me that her mom bought for her during her pregnancy. It was the most elegant gown I had ever worn and I will always remember that night and that dress!
  • Join Weight Watchers.  It has worked for many: 

Resolution #2:   Get into a healthier shape and physique

Walk more and sit less.  Climb the stairs instead of taking an elevator. Walk your dog daily around the neighborhood, park or local field.

  • Make it routine by going the same time every day. It’s easier to put off if the timing is irregular.
  • Go with a family member or friend whenever possible. This offers opportunities for uninterrupted conversations.
  • Join a Zumba Class. For any body type. Dance fitness classes that are fun, energetic, and addictive. They are offered everywhere:

Resolutions #3:  Break those behavioral and substance addictions Smoking, watching too much TV, playing video or other device games, sitting too long, searching the Internet, smart phone dependency, drinking too much alcohol, overeating, biting fingernails, gambling, etc. Look for an alternative passion. Sound simplistic? You must decide if it is worth it.

  • When urges are strongest, redirect those urges. Take a walk, minimize TV and cell phone usage by reading an actual book (it’s better exercise for your eyes), connect and plan an activity with family and friends in person, stand up for 2 minutes for every hour of sitting, eat only at regular times, substitute alcohol assumption by half with fruit or vegetable, make lunch your biggest meal and don’t eat past 7 pm. Work on crossword puzzles, eat a raw fruit or veggies instead of salty or sugary snacks.
  • Find a resource to help break these habits as ,, , or on-line measures for various addictions as: We found this great article with ideas for alternatives to bad practices: 

Resolution #4:   Resolve to be more active and interactive.

  • Take a class in an interest area or a sports activity.
  • Join an interest club such as, art, chess, cards, dance, learn a new musical instrument, book club or community choir.
  • Take a class you have an interest in as art, fashion design, computer, cooking or baking, quilting, painting, photography, piano, travel, wine enthusiasts or volunteer organization.
  • Try a sports-related organization such as at an athletic club that offer group classes as tennis, walking-running, badminton, ping pong, swimming, rowing or biking.  Yoga is a life-changing activity.

Once you get started on any new goals and interests, you’ll be glad you did.  Know that your energy, intellect and health can only improve and these ventures may just become lifelong routines.

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