Theme Park Family Reunions

Theme Park Family

Theme park reunions can be an active and fun location for families when you have a variety of age ranges in your group.  With attractions for all ages and stamina levels, members can spend the days with their individual families and nights with the entire group.

Daytime activities and events can include relaxed entertainment for the less active participants to exciting thrill rides for the daredevils.  Then when everyone gathers for evening activities, begin with an ice-breaker or game before dinner to encourage mingling with extended family members.

Surrounding hotels and related venues often have easy access and shuttle services.  Theme parks and nearby restaurant and banquet facilities have many options for any sized family and will cater to all ages and meal preferences.

For those family members who prefer a less hectic pace, they can relax around the hotel’s swimming pools and spas, enjoy quiet reading time, casual dining or game playing in the hotel lounge.  Ask them to be in charge of organizing the evening activities and events.  For example, they can be setting up the family tree display, planning a talent show, designing the room decor and displays, preparing a memorabilia table or arranging the evening’s ice breaker activity.

Theme parks will keep the more energetic members entertained throughout the day and return to the hotel for the evening meal and other participatory events.  In order to include everyone in an ice-breaker activity, plan a scavenger hunt during the day with items that would be available at all daytime locations.  Provide incentives or prizes for the winners.

Steps to take to plan the event:

  1. Chose a location that is most convenient to airports, seaports, railroad stations or auto friendly destinations
  2. Call the catering managers at nearby hotel or other overnight accommodations next to the park
  3. Book the venue and arrange meal menus when most guests have confirmed
  4. Assimilate all expenses and come up with a per person cost.
  5. Send out the announcements and request early payments to cover any initial expenses
  6. Ask for donations to bring for the family history table
  7. Request guests bring family souvenirs for party favors
  8. Order t-shirts with the date and place of the reunion (most theme parks have there own t-shirts).  If they can be customized, each family group could get their t-shirts personalized.
  9. Plan group activities and for daytime and evening gatherings
  10. Encourage mingling with games that involve the entire group
  11. Create the family tree, encourage story telling, video, record and otherwise document everything for future generations while the family members old and young can remember

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