Have Your Reunion at a Dude Ranch

Dude Ranch Activity

Dude Ranch reunions!  Dude Ranches are resorts with a western atmosphere and offer activities for family reunions centered on wilderness with modern amenities. Whether aged 8 or 80, everyone can find something wonderful to anticipate in, either eating, or the many activities to participate in at a Dude Ranch.

Adhering to our three favorite reunion must-haves: food, fun and function, Dude Ranches excel in these areas.  Plus they also bring a change to the typical hotel/restaurant luncheon or dinner event.


Centered on re-creating a Western experience you can expect top-notch barbeque as well as a blend of savory cuisine. On a dude ranch the meals are all-inclusive, so you never need to worry about cooking or finding a restaurant.


Between horseback riding, fishing, hiking, bar-be-queuing, nature walks, game rooms, swimming, fishing, and rafting (depending on your location) there is never a dull moment on a dude ranch.  There are plenty of activities that the family can participate in together such as cookouts, line dancing, hay rides and volleyball. Or you can find organized age-related games like golf and cards to keep the adults happy while the kids can take part in arts and crafts or just enjoy the wide open spaces for fun outdoor sports and activities.


Dude Ranches can usually hold between 20-60 people. They are generally centered around a main lodge where eating and the communal reunion take place.  Your family may want to spend time outdoors appreciating the countryside. Adults will welcome the comfortable lodges and the home-cooked food as well as many outdoor activities offered at dude ranches. Dude Ranches are located throughout the United States; however they are more popular in the west because of their cowboy history. Check out the Dude Ranchers Association to find one close to you at www.duderanch.org

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