Bringing Families Together

Quick and Easy Family Reunion Tips

Invitation Needs:
Provide reunion information on a website, mailed invitations, emails or all of the above.
Include answers to the following:
• Special event, occasion or theme
• When, where, cost, location details, website with reunion information
• Schedule of Events: Include all activities, location and dates
• Transportation and accommodations options for out-of-town travelers and locals
• What to Bring: e.g. Favorite stories, instruments for talent show, family pictures and hand made creation for door prizes. (If everyone brings something, everyone wins).
• Planned activities. Include events for children and adults. Games and contests such as family trivia, home movies, talent night, pizza party for the younger groups.

Prizes: Inexpensive family gifts could include the gifts of your time and talents. Offer to cook dinner for a special occasion. If you play an instrument, offer a few lessons. Donate to their favorite charity. If you are artistic, paint, sculpt, photograph, write a poem or offer another personal talent.

Document Your Family History: Begin by writing up everything you know about your side of the family, including stories your parents or grandparents told you.

• Ask a family member to video the next family holiday or other special gathering and interview members for stories and collect an oral history. Make it an annual family tradition.
• Include interesting family history tidbits and stories, because much is lost with the passing of older family members.
• As a fun activity or first night gathering at family reunions, ask everyone to write down as much genealogical information possible including names and important dates. Hopefully, someone will volunteer to create your family tree with this beginning structure.

Name Tags: A fun addition for all family members, with or without pictures. These are wonderful as souvenirs too.

T-shirts: Easy and fun keepsakes. Include the year and a picture reminiscent of a family tradition, e.g. famous family recipe, home town landmark, important family organization, original home or other memory. To personalize them, add names on each attendee’s t-shirt.

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