Get in Shape Ideas

Get Fit for your Reunion and Healthy in Life: 10 Easy Steps

If your reunion is occurring this year or not, why not start your makeover now.

Our goal is simple, to encourage you to follow some basic common sense regimens about exercise and diet.  Not being doctors, dieticians nor nutritionists, we offer just sensible and free advice that could easily fit into most daily routines.  We offer 10 simple ways to help this happen.

  1. Walk more in your daily activities, such as the following:
    • Park far away from the crowds.  When you are running errands at the bank, grocery shopping, the mall, post office, etc., park as far away as possible.   Another benefit is that your car will have less dings.
    • Walk up steps whenever possible, especially on escalators.  Don’t just stand on an escalator waiting for the machine to move you, you’ll even get there faster.
    • Don’t take the elevator unless absolutely necessary.  Take the stairs, the more steps the better.
  2. Combine your efforts with a friend, you’ll have more incentive.
  3. Write down your current age and weight and what you would like to be in by a specific date. Put this paper in a visible location that you look at everyday to remind yourself what you need to do and the time you have to do it in.
  4. Get a Nike Fuel Band or other similar device and monitor up to a goal of 10,000 steps a day
  5. Don’t eat past 7 pm at night, and on an occasional basis, not past 5 pm. Consider having your main meal at lunchtime with a light serving of food in the evening.
  6. Drink lots of water—especially before meals to feel fuller.  In fact, try to stop eating before feeling full.
  7. What is an ideal weight and/or shape in order to feel comfortable?  Suggestions include:  Buy a new outfit in the size you want to be in; put picture of yourself on the refrigerator in your goal size; start a routine that is easy to follow.
  8. Don’t sit at the computer for long periods of time.  Take breaks, walk outside or around the block.  Your eyes and back will benefit too.
  9. If it’s late at night, and hunger pangs abound, open a can of vegetables or fruit.  Or, if a snack is definitely necessary, only go for half of it!
  10. When cooking at home, make smaller portions, substitute ingredients that contain less fat and sugar.  Be sure to bake instead of fry as it will save on calories, taste lighter and your heart will love you back.

    Get in Shape Ideas – Bonus Tips

  11. Take control when grocery shopping.  Don’t buy those tempting sweets or extra meals.  Bring a grocery list and stick to it.  Don’t be swayed by tempting packaging.  Read the caloric and additive contents of the items you put in your cart.
  12. When dining out, order smaller, less caloric dishes, avoid sauces, eat half and take the rest home, avoid buttering bread, skip dessert.
  13. Instead of having a snack, do something fun, exercise or play a game.  In other words, keep active and occupied with something you enjoy.
  14. As a general rule, (not always realistic), try not to eat past 7 pm or earlier if you can.  The food will have time to digest, and you won’t feel full when going to bed.

Also, we found some excellent advice from Doctor Oz.  He has some great ideas for weight loss tips from a medical professional’s perspective.

Once you get a regimen going, (they say if you maintain a routine for at least 2 months, it’ll become natural). Good Luck. The best part…you’ll look and feel great for any upcoming events and of course, reunions.

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