Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Holding a reunion on Valentine’s Day can be a really fun event.  What might be especially playful and unique this year, would be to see the movie based on lots of loving: the best selling book, “50 Shades of Grey,” opening in theaters this Valentine’s Day!

Furthermore, since this holiday is about connecting with those we love, why not extend that feeling to other loved ones in you life.  Whether it’s your spouse, parents, children, extended family or friends, a large or small gathering, it’s all about letting someone special know they are cherished.  We offer a few suggestions for celebrating this upcoming special day and making it memorable for those planning a reunion or any loving couple.

For Reunions:

  • Send emails with red hearts and ribbons or post a love note on your group’s Facebook page.
  • Include videos or You Tube music that features romantic songs.
  • Position colorful heart-shaped balloon clusters at each table.
  • Fill plastic champagne glasses with chocolate hearts, red and white (or silver) confetti.  Strew fresh rose petals and colorful Valentine candy or chocolate around the base of the glass.
  • For the guys…get some sample freebee men’s cologne from your local department store and place them at each couples’ table setting along with rose petals and heart-shaped chocolates.  We all love tasty chews while sitting.
  • For the gals…along with the heart-shaped chocolates, print out love poems on note cards on named place settings along with more rose petals.
  • Ask someone to take pictures of the couples, group shots and combinations of people, not just the couples.  In addition or instead of, rent a photo booth.  It can include accessories for the photos such as feather boas, party hats, and other event related attire.
  • Door prizes:  ask guests in prior announcements to donate a service or product they use make or enjoy.  Examples could include a bouquet of flowers from a local florist, a bottle of champagne, dinner for 2 at a romantic restaurant or a certificate at a local chocolate factory.
  • Raffle items:  ask a local hotel to donate an overnight room on a Saturday night.  Trade it for free advertising in all announcements, emails and FB posts.
  • You never know when heart love may conquer another event.

For Loved Ones:  A day of hearts and flowers is always fun.  Try being a little innovative this year.  With a little flirtatious verve, it will very unique and special.

  • Go to a restaurant that you both enjoy.  Each person brings their list of favorite shared moments.  Decide on one that is most memorable and pick the earliest date to do it again.
  • Since restaurants are so busy on Valentine’s Day, consider having a romantic evening at home or a picnic in the park since Valentine’s Day is on Saturday this year. Either cook it yourselves or pre-order dinner from your favorite restaurant.  Be sure to include romantic music by your favorite artists playing in the background.
  • Create a photo collage or music video about why you love your partner and why you are thankful for him or her being in your life.
  • Send a unique card to your loved one at their office from For only $12.95 a year, you can send as many on-line cards as you like all year round for any occasion.  This site is so much more creative and interesting than any free site and most cards have a fun game to play after viewing the card.  Check out their Valentine cards for free and see what you think.
  • Tired of only having all your pictures on your smart phone? Create a long lasting photo book quickly and easily with an on-line website such as and upload pictures from your phone.  Highlight all the special times you shared in the past year or longer (depending on how many photos you want to include).
  • Plan a weekend or evening away. It is the only way to relax and enjoy each other without all the usual distractions, errands and household duties.
  • Take a boat ride or rent a canoe in a nearby lake or marina. Bring a picnic lunch to share.  After docking, go to the local restaurant or hotel and share an afternoon of drinks and appetizers.
  • After dinner, watch a romantic movie and open a bottle of champagne or wine and present 1 long-stemmed rose to your loved one (ala The Bachelor TV show). Forget the bouquets; they are the most expensive this time of year.
  • Place love notes around your home in unsuspecting places. Tell him or her that if they find all of them that night, they get a special prize.
  • Begin a tradition of not duplicating events from prior Valentine’s Days. Make a list of priorities to keep your relationship exciting and creative each year.  Next year, you’ll be ready with new ideas.

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