Class Reunion Tips

These class reunion tips are for those planning or beginning to plan a school reunion.  Remember the fundamental goals: make it fun and memorable! Reconnecting with old classmates, laughing about old times and hearing how their lives have changed since school days are the main focus of such events. Reunions never get tiring, even 50 years later. Especially since more 50 year reunions are occurring every year as we live longer and healthier lives.

It really doesn’t matter how many years have passed, getting together with former classmates and reliving old times with those whom you shared a pivotal time in your life is an important life passage all by itself.  While my book covers a lot more ideas and steps to follow, here are some quick tips if just to get you started.

1. Don’t do it alone. Form a committee by contacting former classmates who are willing to help. Choose people who can put in the time and have a genuine interesting making the reunion work. In particular, you should ask those who work well together, have follow-through and who are committed. They might also have some great ideas that can contribute to the event.

2. Location. Choose a location that is convenient for your group, priced reasonably, creative and fun.

3. The Internet is a simplified way to find people and announce the reunion details.  Besides social media sites, or if you just want more control over the process, set up your own reunion website.  (Check out our Build a Website option on our website. )

4. Plan activities. Hire a DJ to play songs from your high school era, display photos from your yearbook and enlarge them on posters. Have presentation options like videos, slide show or memorabilia on view for alumni and their guests. This will help spouses pass the time while the alums are reminiscing.  Set up a couple of reunion games.  Some examples include:

a. Create a large poster blow up of the class photo, and ask alumni to circle themselves.
b. Have a poster board so everyone can their grammar and middle schools they attended.  Sometime during the reunion, ask them to pose for a group photo.
c. Combine the reunion with a holiday and make that the theme of the event. Have centerpieces reflect the time of year and put a sticker under 1 chair per table to decide the winner of the centerpiece.
d. Invite teachers, coaches or other special guests to say a few words at the event.
e. Have the DJ play songs for a group dance contest. Let your guests vote for the winner/s.
f. Organize a social action project or fundraiser for the high school. Have a closed box available throughout the night for donations.
g. Hire a videographer to tape the event getting interviews and group photos.

If you need any more help with your reunion, take advantage of the resources we provide. Check out our e-book or order it on our website or on or as an e-book. It comes full of reunion ideas, to make the event even easier to manage. Reunions should be fun and memorable for everyone, including the organizing committee. So, don’t stress out by becoming overwhelmed, just because you didn’t have the right tools.

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