Class Reunion Games

Class Reunion Ideas to Spark-up the Event

Planning class reunion games and activities will encourage attendees to engage with the entire group. While most reunion conversations are focused on reconnecting with small groups of former classmates, other activities and displays can help get everyone mingling while at the same time providing entertainment for guests of alumni and persuade the more bashful alumni to engage with attendees.

Reunion Games and Activities
  • Have classmates pose for pictures in smaller groups such as those who attended the same elementary and junior high schools.
  • For groups fewer than 150, have each alumnus come up to the podium and announce their names.
  • Ask alumni to send in current pictures of themselves and their families and prepare and display a slide show of the classmates’ pictures from graduation time and now to the background of music from your high school era.
  • Get donations as door prizes from local supportive establishments and give out raffle tickets at the entry door.  Then announce the winners of the donations during the program.
  • Ask the high school to donate membership to the alumni association, an award or class memorabilia to the reunion and offer alumni an opportunity to bid on the item at the registration table as they check in. Then announce the winner during the program.
  • Have the photographer take random pictures of small groups of alumni during the course of the evening.  Just be sure everyone gets included by making an announcement during the program.
  • Hire a caricature artist to draw pictures of guests.
  • Ask guests to vote on the alumnus who has changed the least and present him or her with a door prize.
  • Give away bottles of wine (hopefully donated by classmates) for select prizes as: traveled the furthest, purchased the first ticket, currently lives closest to the high school, married the longest, has the most children, grandchildren, has the most unusual profession.
  • Invite a beloved teacher to the reunion and ask them to address the group.  Present them with an honorary degree or framed and signed photo from their class year.  Invite everyone to sign it with memories from their high school years.
  • If you have a DJ, ask alumni to write down song requests at the registration tables and give to the DJ.  Most DJs come prepared with your era’s songs, and will be able to play requests.
  • Have a blown up list of alumni names attending the reunion at the Check-in table.  At the least, have a print out list at the registration table as the inevitable questions will arise.
  • If you have a singer in the class, ask them to lead the group in singing the Alma mater.  Be sure to have the words printed on large bulletin board or on a projector as a prompter.
  • Have a professional photographer take large group pictures at the reunion picnic the following day. Get two large group shots, one just with alumni and one that includes the families.

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