Reunion Wrap Up Time


After the event is over, there are always a few very important items to complete.  In my book, I refer to it as tasks to complete “After the Reunion.”  While the reunion glow is still ablaze, the organizers can relax for a few weeks while enjoying the exhilarating afterglow of thanks, pats-on-the-back and appreciation.  However, don’t wait too long, or it could add up to being months before tasks are finally complete or not being done at all.  This is true for all types of reunions, whether it’s a photo album, cookbook, genealogy chart, record book, roster or other follow-up project.

The Memory / Photo Album.  Getting out any memory/photo album a few weeks after the reunion is ideal.  Once the reunion is over, it’s always difficult to muster the energy to work on another event project.  Often it takes reunion committees months after the reunion.  Of course, it’s best to finish as soon as possible because everyone is anxious to see any photos or get attendee’s contact information but to see the final results that tell the story of a memorable event.

If you hired a professional photographer, you should receive photo proofs within a few weeks after the reunion.

Banking.  Prepare a budget review very soon after the reunion. Tally up the revenues and expenses including any remaining costs to be paid. If you have budgeted carefully there should be a balance remaining. Open a Savings Account for the surplus for the next reunion, and if you planned to donate any remaining money in your group’s honor, determine the amount leaving extra for other closing costs within the next few months.

Thank-you Notes.   Send thank you notes to special guests, those who donated services and prizes, and others deserving appreciation including everyone who participated in making the reunion a success.

Follow up Notification.  This will accomplish several tasks.  It will be a wrap up of the event for the entire group, including for those who couldn’t attend.  Deliver any necessary follow-up notifications.  Provide an opportunity for everyone to purchase any reunion items as a video, memory album, t-shirts, cook books or other souvenir.  You may want to include a discount coupon as an incentive to purchase any left over items.  Find out what, if anything, could be improved upon for the next time.

Store Supplies.  Place remaining memory albums, photo books, name tags, memorabilia, and other reunion files and supplies, in a clearly marked storage box. This will be very useful when getting ready for the next reunion, no matter who plans it.

Reflect and Revise.  While everything is fresh in your mind, plan a post committee meeting—go for a potluck dinner at a committee member’s home. In the midst of reminiscing about the reunion, take the opportunity to reflect and note for the next time as what worked and what didn’t.

Keep in Touch between Reunions.  Maintain contact between reunions by sending occasional notices to your group. Solicit ideas for the next time.


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