Reunion T-Shirts

T-shirts are the epitome of communication. They are used for just about everything you can think of without uttering a word. It is a subliminal suggestion to everyone you come into contact with as you move through life. You can be announcing your goals, feelings and passions or wear them to advertise, represent or identify just about anything you want to communicate in a bold yet unobtrusive way. Custom-designed shirts are visual advertising at their best: subtle but prominent, hidden yet direct, personal as well as commercial.

We have a love affair with t-shirts. They are our identity and we wear them with pride. We purchase them for fundraisers, charities, businesses and schools or in our case, reunions. I ordered custom designed t-shirts for my 25th class reunion. Our high school logo was on the front and the year we graduated appeared on the back which included all 500 classmates names listed alphabetically inside the last two digits of our year. They sold well at the reunion and mine still remains a special keepsake.

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